(PHHC) Autism Program

An opportunity exists to expand the successful social service organization and facility for individuals with developmental disabilities (Autism), ‘Purple Hearts Home Care LLC’. Established in 2015, Purple Hearts Home Care LLC. or ‘the Company’ has quickly grown to become a trusted name in the Hartford Metropolitan Area for making an impact on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. With approximately 9.6% of the local population living with disabilities (116,286 impacted individuals) and analogous services in the region incapable or unwilling to accommodate individuals with severe challenges, the potential to service a greater segment of this demographic has presented itself with the expansion of Purple Hearts Home Care LLC.

Purple Hearts Home Care LLC focuses on abilities and provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children as well as adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through acceptance and positivity. In Connecticut, 8,278 or 11.3% of children with disabilities ages 3-21 who received special education services have Autism. As a result, each individual can utilize and develop their unique skills into meaningful job skills for some for others, they may find fulfillment into entering the workforce, and for others receiving additional support programs to teach basic skills to become more self-sufficient while fostering friendships, spiritual growth, and a sense of belonging to fulfill an abundant life. Purple Hearts Home Care looks to develop a sense of pride in each individual that comes from contributing to their own support, while continuing their growth development socially and emotionally.